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Portfolio Diversification For Discerning Collectors

The Disruptive Gallery curates exceptional digital artworks for inclusion in the wider collections of individuals and corporations. Utilizing our market knowledge, artist relations and the technical know-how of our parent company FUSION, we seek out the finest, investment-grade, pieces, and commission unique installations the world over.


Art where part of the artistic process is performed autonomously by a machine or computer can be described as generative. Having routes back as far as the 1960s, today's generative artists are skilled, creative coders producing pieces with immense levels of ingenuity and detail. Digital tokens are often accompanied by an option to obtain a signed physical print to bring the blockchain NFT into the tangible world. The gallery specializes in facilitating world-class generative projects with physical outputs and exhibitions of a quality that has rarely been achieved in the space. Since the 2021 bull market generative art has gone from strength to strength and as such, we regularly help our clients to invest in this wonderful new form of creative expression.

Generative Animated & Video

For almost as long as video production equipment has existed visionary artists have been using it to create cutting edge reflections of their artistic visions. Now complemented by the ever-evolving generative scene, the market for moving pieces has gained substantial momentum in recent years. With artists such as Refik Anadol placing pioneering animated, AI-assisted, pieces in public spaces, there has never been a more exciting time to invest in this genre of art. The gallery regularly curates both video and animated projects for our clients taking care of the full process, from the acquisition, or commissioning of a unique piece, through to installation and ongoing maintenance.


At the forefront of the next frontier for art, talented engineers are teaming up with artists and coders to create moving art, the like of which has not been seen before. Combining familiar, tangible materials with an otherworldly and almost organic movement via servos, Kinetic artworks are gaining traction quickly. The gallery works with the most exciting studios specializing in this medium which seems set to grow exponentially in the coming years. Pieces can take the form of wall-hanging frames, free-standing sculptures and almost any other format you can imagine.

Digital Keyholding Service

Whilst many of our clients are seasoned veterans in the digital art market, we often deal with individuals and corporations taking their first steps into the world of electronic art. For such customers, we offer a digital keyholding service whereby we take all of the complications out of the acquisition process involved in digital art. We set up their crypto wallets, with a cold storage device, purchase the works and then securely hold the digital keys off-site for safekeeping.

Design, Installation & Maintenance Services

The gallery sources artworks for our clients in mediums that range from traditional framed prints that hang on walls through to mapped projection systems that cover entire rooms, and everything in between. The gallery's parent company FUSION.ONE has a long history installing high-end audio video set-ups for discerning families the world over and is hence well placed to assist in the delivery of such projects. Working alongside FUSION.ONE we design, install, and maintain installations to support the digital pieces that we supply.


Specialists In Premium Generative, Animated & Kinetic Artworks

The Disruptive Gallery Ltd was founded by, and is operated by, FUSION.ONE International Ltd. Site created with thanks to the artists whose works are featured. A full list of credits is available here.


314 Westbourne
Studios, Acklam Road,
London, W10 5JJ, UK

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